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Food safety rapid detection center in Xishan District was officially established

At 10:00 on October 26, food safety rapid detection center in Xishan District was officially established, director of District Market Supervision Administration Wang Lijiang, deputy director Ding Junwu unveiled the detection center, director of FDA Zhan Zhengfeng attended the opening ceremony.

Huang Yazhou from food department, introduced the function positioning, regulations, testing procedures, equipment and instruments of the food safety rapid detection center to the leaders.

Rapid detection staff Meng Zhiyi demonstrated the operation method of rapid detection equipment.

The rapid detection center is fully equipped with "16 in 1" multi-parameter food safety and rapid detector, portable card type pesticide detector, portable colloidal gold detector, microplate spectrophotometer, handheld heavy metal detector, sample cabinets, reagent cabinets, exhaust ventilation, refrigerators, central air conditioning and other facilities. Center can carry out the detection of pesticide residues, borax, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, veterinary drug residues, lean meat extract, melamine, heavy metal residues and other items

Since the founding date, the rapid detection center has proceeded with the random sampling of pre-packaged food and edible agricultural products in the Xishan District market, and upload the results of the rapid detection to the monitoring platform of food safety network at the first time.