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The citizen delegation inspected Wuxi food safety fast detection center, Zodolabs Biotech has the honor to accept “inspection”

The citizens visited the FDA and made comments. Due to the particularity of FDA, many people's understanding of the FDA only stays in the fuzzy concept. However, the work of the FDA is closely related to the food safety of everyone.

To give citizens a chance to learn about the FDA, especially the food safety fast detection center, on July 14, Wuxi Food and Drug Administration invited more than 30 citizen representatives to carry out a full range of "inspection" of Wuxi food safety fast detection center.

As the supplier of food safety fast detection equipment, Zodolabs Biotech also accepted the "inspection" of citizen representatives.

The first thing that comes to citizens’ eye is a food safety fast detection car. They curiously observed, and even entered the car to see clearly.

Technical staff from Zodolabs Biotech showed the fast detection of aquatic products, meat, vegetables to citizens, and focused on food safety fast detection car and food safety knowledge.

As a mobile laboratory of FDA, food safety fast detection car provides great convenience for the supervision of food & medicine in wholesale markets, supermarkets and fields.

Subsequently, the staff led the citizens to visit Wuxi food safety fast detection center, introduced the daily work of the fast detection center, and the daily operation of the FDA network platform.

At the fast detection center, visitors were able to watch more intuitively how the technicians test vegetables, meat, oil, eggs, milk and other daily foods. The visitor listened attentively to the staff's explanation, and occasionally ask questions. The interaction is frequent and the atmosphere is harmonious.

Citizens' representatives interviewed by journalists

After experiencing the food safety fast detection, the citizens has a further understanding of FDA and food safety fast detection center. They said they had increased their knowledge and appreciated the work of FDA.