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Zodolabs Biotech aid Wuxi FDA to carry out \"rapid detection into enterprise\" special action

Recently, the Internet has revealed that an "internet celebrity milk" contains melamine, which has raised concerns about the safety of dairy products.

According to the network of public opinion, in order to let people buy and eat healthy and safe food, eliminate social panic on food safety, Wuxi FDA recently launched "rapid detection into enterprise" special action. With the assistance of Zodolabs Biotech, the FDA drive food safety rapid detection car directly into supermarket and agricultural market and conducted random sampling detection.

The special action mainly aimed at the rapid detection of melamine in milk, 12 batches of samples all qualified.

At 9 am, the "Zodolabs Biotech rapid detection car" has been in the main supermarket and agricultural market in Wuxi. Staff of Wuxi FDA and Zodolabs Biotech randomly sampled various kinds of milk (including the internet celebrity milk). All samples were sent to the rapid detection car for on-site public detection.

“The special action mainly aimed at the rapid detection of melamine in milk. Results can be get in 10 min”, technical adviser of Zodolabs Biotech said.

At about 10 o 'clock, the detection results of 12 samples have been released, and all samples are qualified.

Officials said that if unqualified products appeared during the rapid detection, they would take temporary control measures on the problem food according to law and send the sample to the statutory inspection agency. Products that are judged unqualified by the statutory inspection agency will be punished promptly according to law.

Wuxi FDA will give full play to the role of the food safety rapid detection center and the mobile detection vehicle, strengthen the food safety supervision from "farmland to table", effectively safeguard the food safety of the people

As a professional food safety rapid detection company, Zodolabs Biotech will continue to help Wuxi FDA, together with the protection of food safety.