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Zodolabs (stock code: 839805.OC) was established in 2002 which is one of the key national high-tech enterprises in China. It is an industrial group that includes food safety detection reagents, equipments and software. The headquarters of our company in Nanchang called Jiangxi Zodolabs Company limited. We set up the wholly-owned subsidiary in Wuxi in 2007 with 5000㎡ top domestic R&D laboratory and 3000㎡ standard manufacturing workshop. We also passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. Wuxi Zodolabs set up the branch company in Beijing and the office in Anhui in 2016.
Rely on the advanced level of technology and powerful ability of R&D, Zodolabs set up and improved five platforms includes the colloidal gold detection technology platform, ELISA detection technology platform, bio-chemical detection, information construction platform and nano and micro scale materials technology platform. At the mean time, Zodolabs also developed and produced 200 kinds of food safety fast detection products, that cover pesticide residue, veterinary drug residue, antibiotic residue in the poultry product, banned additives in aquatic products/health care products/cosmetic products, fungaltoxin, microorganism and some other fields. We have been assessed as the national key high-tech enterprise by both Jiangsu Province and Jiangxi Province Science and Technology Commission. We have undertook the significant projects in national “the tenth Five” and “the twelfth Five”, national “863”project, “948” project of the Ministry of Agricultural. We also participated in formulating the detection industrial standard of clenbuterol and food safety fast detection standard with the Ministry of Agricultural and the national Food and Drug Administration. Our products ranked the first level in the national fast detection standard contrast over this industry. In 2010, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Agriculture and other five ministries approved the establishment of the "food safety detection reagents and equipment industry technology innovation strategic alliance", Zodolabs has been recommended as the first session president of the unit.
Our target is to be more professional and international, and focus on upgrading the food safety detection technology, developing products and establishing food safety information traceability system. We also want to introduce and expand our products to other field gradually based on providing food safety supervision and detection scheme to users.